Safer Sex Kit Request Form

Safer Sex Kit Request Form

You will be able to request Safer Sex Kits from the Women's Center and the LGBTQA+ Center. Complete this form letting us know how many kits you would like and we will assemble them for you. It is mandatory for you or a representative party to come into the Women's Center (Nebraska Union, Rm. 340) to retrieve the assembled kits. Your request will be filled as soon as possible and you will be able to pick up your entire order within 5 business days. Additionally, you will receive an email from Women's Center or LGBTQA+ Center staff to let you know that your order is ready. Thank you.

Position Required
Distribution Point - Where will you be distributing kits?

About the Safer Sex Kits:

The Safer Sex Kits include 3 condoms, 1 lube packet, and an informational about condom use. The average kit includes latex condoms. There are latex-free packets available, which can be selected below. Dental dams and internal condoms can also be provided upon request.

Including 3 latex condoms and 1 lube packet
Including 3 flavored latex condoms and 1 flavored lube packet
Including 3 non-latex condoms and 1 lube packet