Safer Sex Kit Request Form

Safer Sex Kit Request Form

You will be able to request Safer Sex Kits from the Women's Center and the LGBTQA+ Center. Complete this form to request up various sexual health items. It is mandatory for you or a representative party to come to the Women’s Center (Nebraska Union, Rm. 340) to retrieve your items. You will receive an email from Women's Center or LGBTQA+ staff when your order is ready to be picked up. Thank you.

Position Required
Distribution Point - Where will you be distributing kits?

About the Safer Sex Kits:

The Safer Sex Kits include 3 condoms, 1 lube packet, and an informational about condom use. The average kit includes latex condoms. There are latex-free packets available, which can be selected below. Dental dams and internal condoms can also be provided upon request.

Including 3 latex condoms and 1 lube packet
Including 3 flavored latex condoms and 1 flavored lube packet
Including 3 non-latex condoms and 1 lube packet